Who we are?

Neighbours 3.0 is an empowerment program for active individuals and communities from Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus who want to initiate and foster civic engagement as well as the social change towards more solidarity in their countries.

We invite those who seek self-development and want to shape their surroundings to participate in a series of meetings and trainings that will prepare and lead them to the implementation of the local or international community project.

The program activities last one year. It begins with international introductory meetings, continues with project management trainings which are followed by the actual implementation of the projects and ends with the final evaluation event. Throughout the year participants are also equipped with the strong support system: mentors (experienced alumni), additional trainings and webinars. Besides, there is always an opportunity to visit each other: neighbors’ visits or job shadowing in the partner organizations e.g.. Each event is conducted by professional and qualified non-formal education facilitators.

The program is conducted in the partnership of three organizations: Genius Loci Association (Poland), Insha Osvita (Ukraine) and Education without Borders (Belarus).