Why we do it?

We believe that good relationships with other people and strong social bounds are contributing to the empowerment, strength and happiness of certain individuals and communities.

We also believe in the living democracy which is created by active citizens who initiate and unite people around them. We work in the world where everyone can express themselves and their culture, can hear others and can be heard through the discussion, dialogue and empathy. Where one has the opportunity to express his/her needs and try to fulfill them.

We support active and brave citizens who dare to think critically and to go against the flow by bringing together those with the similar aims and brave ideas in search of solutions for the common good.

We consider this process to be very complicated and of the kind that requires respected knowledge, skills and experience. Creating such space, where one can gain such knowledge and skills, this is exactly what we are doing.

We believe that diversity of people in the community is power. Even despite the fact that it is often hard to be near the one who thinks and acts in a different way (has his/her specific views and is using different instruments for reaching the goals sat) such diversity and collaboration on different levels in the process of mutual communication leads to effective results. It encourages the development, strengthening individuals and communities in general.

We believe that nowadays the world needs more solidarity. We define solidarity as a feeling of responsibility for personal actions and decisions which influence other people, animals, the environments as whole, etc.  It’s about being the part of “greater whole”. It’s also about being proactive, being open to diversity, able to think critically, to reach out and build the dialogue with “others”, even those who seem “strange” or “dangerous”, to be close to those in need. We want to play an important part in stimulating and facilitating the live relationships between Pols, Ukrainians and Belarussians based on genuine partnership, openness, and sincere dialogue. To find the strengthening factors in both, what unites and differs us.

Thus, solidarity, responsibility, diversity, democracy, openness and critical thinking – those are the values on which our program is based.

The program is lead in – Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian. All meetings and seminars are also held in these languages.