History and solidarity

Another big field is the questions of today in the historical context. Building bridges between the past and present and finding commons and differences in Polish – Ukrainian – Belarusian relations, looking for solidarity against the odds:

Nataliia Dovga is on the journey through the past and the present. In the frames of her project “Linia” (line- as something that divides but also represents the continuity) is traveling through the villages in Poland and Ukraine while looking for families who were displaced to the both sides of the border during 1945 and 1946to. She documents their stories which then uses as a content for an exhibition.

Marta Chudzik, Katerina Gomaniuk, Konstantin Dudchenko organize Polish – Ukraine exchange for active youth from Poznan and Kherson with interactive methods such as collective discussion of the represented sides, debates and simulation games, constructing the common future and presenting the points of view to the broader audience through media and social networks. All of this is aiming to foster the critical thinking based on the common history of Ukrainian-Polish relationships from 1939 to nowadays.