Empowerment of people and groups with fewer opportunities

Many projects focus on animation and empowerment of people and groups with fewer opportunities:

Monika Hałaś (Stories of the city) is working with the abundant children and together with them collects their personal stories and publishes a book.

A very similar project in terms of the topic is being implemented by Mariana Maksymyak from Buchach Ukraine. In the collaboration with children, they create fairytales about the city and the history, about the people who create it.

Marina Potrina together Taisya Borisenko have initiated the project of the social enterprise aiming to integrate the children with disabilities using art methods and spending time with them in a creative way establishing the ceramics workshop in Kiev, corresponding to the needs of such people.

Marcin Piech and Elżbieta Kowacka are aiming to raise the awareness on diabetes and do an in-depth social diagnosis of the people suffering from diabetes in Jaworzno city. The outcomes of the research will be a publication of the research in 4 languages.

Dzmity Volodzko, Andryi Gorbatenko and Kristina Benediktovich from Minsk are working with children with the Down syndrome and advocate for their rights and powerful image in Belarusian society.

Regina Shabanova from Crimea works in Kherson aiming to create the community and to strengthen the long-term collaboration between the individuals from different ethnical cultures and with youth which faces different social problems in their families and communities, animates and empowers them through the exchange of experience, using the traditional decorative art.