Projects in the field of art in its different expression that are aiming to foster the solidarity in local communities using art as a method, preserving the authenticity, costumes, and traditions:

Gleb Mihalouski, Natalia Zdanevich, Danil Zholobov, Irina Kazuseva and Vanda Tribotska have united in their Polish – Lithuanian – Belarusian project and are developing the therapeutic methodology of the work with emotional boundaries, empathy development through the musical improvisation.

Vasia Korf and Yulia Sokolovska in the Belarusian village of Dunaevo conduct a series of art therapy workshops for the local community and guests.

Anatasia Poletneva and Yaryna Sizyk foster the idea of education and conscious research and promotion of the Ukrainian cultural heritage: they are organizing a School of Ukrainian Culture for people that professionally promote Ukraine abroad (Embassies’ workers).

Dominika Serzysko (Cracow, Poland), Siargey Makarevich (Hantsavichy, Belarus) and Sofia Angeljuk in (Kolomiya, Ukraine) re-discover weaving as an art and a way of bringing people together. Intisar Al-Khurani and Maria Velko are creating the space for the cultural dialogue between different generations of the citizens of the city and the region. They facilitate meetings of the creative youth of Mariupol and together with city inhabitants have opened an Ethno-workshop.