Animation of the local communities

Projects about the animation of the local communities, strengthening the relationships, creating the opportunities and space for the meetings of neighbors, exchange, and common activities:

Katarzyna Michalska and Patrycja Bulska together with families and neighbors bring the life and joy back to the Rozbark, one of the districts of the Bytom city in Poland.

Klara Wigier and Natalia Fiedorczuk have united in Milanówek near Warsaw to enhance relationships among young mothers by creating a Club for Mothers. Similar ideas are implemented by Elena Demidova and Dmitry Klimkovich in one of the districts in Minsk.

Jacqueline Horodyńska and Olga Rusinek aim to stimulate active exchange and to foster relationships between Ukrainian and Polish students in Warsaw. Daniel Kiermut tries to inspire the local community of the Krzywa village in the Low Beskids.

Vanda Tribocka organizes the community of foreign activists in Cracow and encourages the exchange and dialogue between them. Motivates to the collaborative implementation of idea on the level of social activities in the city.

Elena Kermash from Belarus is trying to unite the bikers into the community in Brest to advocate for the better infrastructure I the city and building new cycle paths for bike lovers.

Oleksiy Piskun and Yulia Lisica organizing the Neighbors Festival in a Volozhin region in Belarus Neighbors’ Festival.

At the Black Sea coast of Ukraine, Julia Bolgak is working with the members of housing cooperatives in Mykolaiv and stimulates them to join the efforts to improve the living conditions in the housing estates.

Bogdan Zelenyi animates the community of craftsmen of Zhovkva near Lviv, stimulates cross-sectoral cooperation of City Council and entrepreneurs towards the touristic development of the town. So does Oleksyi Osaulenko and Stepan Semonov in Pavlograd.

Yaryna Samusevych and Alina Vysochyna strengthen students network at the Ukrainian Academy of Banking in Sumy, a city in Eastern Ukraine.

Hristina Bogoslavets and Vitalyi Hryniv in Nadvirna city (Ivano-Frankivsk region) organize a series of workshops and networking events for youth fostering their civic engagement, cross-sectoral exchange, and entrepreneurial skills to help them become more independent and self-organized.

Natalia Kalba animated families and children of Vyshyi Lyubianki (near Ternopil, Ukraine) by co-organising with them a series of workshops and extra-curricular activities.